Surf Lock - Everybody knows you hide it under wheel arch

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Whether you are surfing, cycling, running, fishing this is the perfect solution to prevent losing your keys and saving the bulge in your pocket.

Lock your car keys in this box with a personalised combination, attach it to your car and enjoy the beach, run, cycle...whatever you want - key and bulge free!

Why is our one better than the others?

1. Storage - As the picture shows, EASILY holds 10 keys + car key! Can even hold 20 standard keys

2. Modified Hole - at the bottom to cater for those extra extra long keys if required!

3. Rubber Seal - over metal lock to protect door handle

4. Rubber Casing - around the entire lock (black section) to protect your car door from scratches

5. Heavy Duty Material - to ensure the up-most protection

Other practical uses...

Useful for holiday houses, homes, shops etc whenever you wish to give selected persons access to your keys without having to make them copies. Just give them the combination which can be changed anytime!

Sells for over $70 in stores - Instantly save $$$.

We'll send you:
1 x Surf Lock + Instructions

A great product provided by an InterSurfing partner store, Bargain Street.

Shipping: Australia Wide